Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Watched Garden Never...?

 My gardens security officer, and official weeding companion stands guard! Watching for any disturbance in the force.

Nothing gets past her cast-iron 4 pounds. Well....except for the mouse which ran through the yard yesterday. She just stood there watching it scamper,  trying to figure out what it was.

 Our garden is very small compared to most of yours, who I regularly visit on your blogs. But what she lacks in space, she makes up for in the joy and excitement that she gives back to me.....and to little Missy.

While little Missy has been watching,  I have been waiting patiently, for my tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to flower.  My tomato bush, I am sorry to say, is looking very, very, bad! It has begun to turn completely brown on one side and I cannot figure out what is causing it.
See, in the back there are many green branches. However, there are about 3 side shoots from this one that are just turning completely brown. Any thoughts ladies and gents? Bug, fungus, heat?

However, on the bright side, I do have peppers starting to develop! Yea!! We found our first pepper tonight.
He is very small right now, but the magic encouraging words were spoken, and hopefully he will continue to grow. His cousin next door is still microscopic, but looking good.

My sunflowers under the squirrel feeder are doing well. I have no idea what they will look like as they are the "feed" that we use for the wild life and bird feeders. As soon as I know, you will definitely see pics.

The basil is awesome!

The mescalin, {Rocky Top} is doing wonderful.

Finally, we have a cucumber! Yes, only the one for right now, but it looks like others are on their way.

Alas, poor watermelon, I knew you well!
The lovely man who mows my lawn forgot that this was NOT a weed, but a much loved little plant. :(
We were quite hearbroken the other day when we walked outside to see how she was doing, and found a stub. Oh well, back to the seed trays next year...and maybe a good garden fence.

As you can see, I way overseeded the radish patch with "French Breakfast" this year, and they have been growing every which way, but they are so good. I will make sure I do consecutive sowings next year, for a more continuous growing period.  As they are all just about mature enough to pull, and I have about 100 that need pulling. Guess the neighbors will benefit from my mistake.

The eggplants seem to be doing ok...but that is about it! They were started too late and I think that they are just going to take a little longer to get going. Who knows, maybe by September I might have some.

My fig tree is still working. Nothing ripening yet, but my mothers tree is unbelievable. She trimmed it back about 3 months ago, and it has flushed with about 200 figs. Needless to say, we have been eating some serious figs. I believe hers is a Brown Turkey as well, but I am not quite sure.  I am not that educated in figs........yet! They are quickly becoming a favorite though, and one tree might not be enough. lol

Well, that is about all for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you happen to know what is happening with those tomatoes, please, all advice is welcomed.

Best wishes from me and little Missy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wild Texas

Thinking about Texas while I was still living up north, I envisioned it as many Northerners do;  as a veritable desert, dry, barren, and brown. I had always managed to come to visit my family during the beginning, middle, or end of a drought. Flying over landscape that looked like it had been computer generated to resemble a nuclear waste land. While this may have been true during those times of drought, it certainly is not the case now. I have found an unbelievable array of wild green things with the most exquisite flowers which I never noticed before.

These two pictures above, and the two below are of a bush called, "Pride of Barbados". I do not know if I captured its true essence, but it is dazzling!

It has spears with clusters of flowers, red in the center and then its petals are a bright yellow.
If you get a chance to check it out on Google, do!
I think it has found a place in my garden plans for next year.

  This little flower growing on the side of the road is almost invisible. Its total width is about 1/4 of an inch. The grass runners all around it look like ropes. But it was just too pretty to pass by. I think it is Texas Bindweed. 

These lite purple beauties I believe are Purple Bindweed. It had a white spiral pistil, which was offset by a deep purple center. They seem to be growing wild in everyone's yard.

 The Evening Primrose grows everywhere!

These  I believe are called Indian Blanket. They have beautiful  red-yellow petals; and when they all fall off, they are still fantastic with their little prickly globes. Fields and fields of these are everywhere you look.

  The two below are called Mexican Hat. The wind was blowing so hard the morning I took these pictures that I did not think that any of these would actually come out. They are so distinctive that you can spot them driving down the road.

These are called Silver-Leaf Nightshade. They are absolutely beautiful, but poisonous.

Not really sure what this one is. It caught my eye because it looked so fragile. Seems to be very similar Feverfew.

These microscopic flowers are called Frog Fruit. How cute is that! They are millimeters in size, but so unique. My mom thought I was crazy for taking pictures of weeds.
It just goes to show man's weeds is another man's wild flowers!

...and these colorful Lantana were right in the middle of everything.

So much for my first foray into the wilds of!
Thanks for stopping by.

Be Well,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knitting and Reading

Joining in with Ginny again on this knitting Wednesday.
On my needles I am finishing up my Cascade Luna Summer T. I only have the right sleeve left to finish. This pattern has been tons of fun to knit. I will be waiting till fall to start wearing it; as it will be in the 100 degree mark this week. It may be a summer T for those up north, but down south here, we would be crazy to wear it this summer.

As for my reading, well, its a pharmacy book for my class. Definitely nothing I would recommend for anyone else to read, unless you like self torture!

Be well,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday in the garden

This morning is bright and beautiful. The heat has not come in yet, but you can tell that it is definitely on its way.
This little tomato is a new addition this year to my garden.  It is the "Reisetomate" from Bakers Creek Seeds, and from here it only gets to looking crazier.

  The Tarragon seeds I planted 3 weeks ago are ready for transplanting.

 The radish bed was over planted, as I heard that in my soil they are hard to grow. However, they are all growing like crazy. I planted, "French Breakfast" , "Burpee White", and "Plum purple". I have not seen any whites coming through yet.

 My Chard is "Ruby", and it is doing well, despite the little nibbles from something.  If only I would stop putting the sprouts on my salad! Note for next more seeds!

As for basil, I have some planted in the garden, as well as in containers...... everywhere. You can just never have enough basil!

 This little watermelon is right next to my compost pile. She is called, "Moon and Stars", and I am excited to see her doing so well. Last year up north, the spring floods washed her out. Hopefully this year I will actually get to see her fruit.

This mixture is, "Rocky Top" from Bakers Creek, and also Radiccho (Palla Rossa) from "The Cooks Garden", just mixed together in a bed. I never worry about them growing to full size and getting too crowded because I use this bed just for baby greens. They usually are all used up before they grow past 5 inches in height.

These are my Asparagus( or long beans). These are seeds from my bushes up north. These are the most amazing beans ever. My mother had one in her garden the other day that was a good 24 inches long. 

Plus the flowers are sooooo gorgeous! I do not know if my camera, or picture skills, do it justice: but that little bit of yellow right inside the flower is so pretty. 

My "Chocolate Mint" is doing great! I found her at Lowes this year, and could not resist. I also found a little Peppermint plant ( locally grown) at Whole Foods the other day, which I had to buy.

 My bird feeder with leftover sunflowers growing like crazy..........just because !

My Hyacinth bean out front was planted about 2 weeks ago and it's starting to take off. 

An my Oregano is looking good. Mom divided her plant for me. Seeing as how I showed up mid-season and am starting out so late.

It will be nice when I actually have pictures of fruit and vegetables for everyone to see.   

Be Well,