Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1st. Yarn Along

       Ok.....I am so excited. After a year of following Ginny's Yarn Along, and reading each and everyone of  the wonderful knitters posts , I am actually participating! My very first Yarn Along!
Suddenly....I feel a little stressed.
Oh well.... here goes:
This past week I started working on the Cascade Luna Summer Lace Panel T-shirt , found here on Ravelry.  I am working on it with Debbie Bliss's cotton angora, no color given just a number, #15515.

      It is really a nice yarn to work with, and so far I am really enjoying it. I am not using any of the fancy "interchangeable" needle sets that I have seen on sites like Knit Picks, just my old metal ones, but I would love to know if those interchangeable ones are worth the money. They sure are pretty, especially the Harmony Wood ones! One of these days....
      This is the first pattern that I have done from Ravelry, and I must say that the directions are very easy and spot on. I have worked out of the mag's before; you know Vogue, Knitters, and Interweave, but sometimes there are mistakes. I am happy to report so far smooth sailing.

As for my reading,

 I am currently reading through the "Canning" mag put out by Better Homes and Gardens. I have been canning this past week since peaches have been ripe here in Texas. Not to mention, that I am a sucker for any of these canning mags. I just cannot help myself. Whenever I see one at the checkout counter at the market, my son knows to push me through quickly, otherwise it will end up in my basket.
 I am planning on putting up some grape jam this coming week. So if anyone has any secret home recipes, let me know!

Thanks Ginny for getting this set up. It has been my favorite Wednesday event for so long, and now I am actually in it.

Be Well,


  1. love the sweater!!! and i'm a sucker for those counter magazines, too---ready to do some pickled beets.

  2. Replies
    1. Ahh...thank you. ;) Hopefully it will look nice on.