Friday, June 8, 2012

The Beginning

I have always found it hard to begin a project.
I am one of those who "sorts" through things. I like to know exactly where it is that I need to start, and what it is I wish to accomplish. I suppose that comes from being in the restaurant business for so long. Everything must be in its place in order for the machine to run smoothly and efficiently, in order to portray the illusion of calm and ease. After all, who wants to eat in a restaurant that looks like it is being powered by some whirling dervish , with the staff running around awkwardly like sticks in a tornado.

Or, it could be that I have spent most of my life going to school. Knowing that chaos is the destroyer of the academic mind, not to mention grades.
I knew that the first step in creating a blog would be of utmost importance. Who would be reading besides my family and friends? What goals and accomplishments would they be expecting from this little blog?
So, at my computer I sat  for days, weeks, wondering how to start this project and what goals should be set........

Two weeks later....I was still sitting and wondering.

 Alas, I have given in to madness.

 My blog as it stands, does not really have a set of goals, objectives, or distinct outline. It is not a project that must be completed for deadline. It is not systematic, orderly, or goal driven. Instead, it is the whirling dervish and chaos that will dictate the posts, and outline the images.

What I see, where I go, and what I do, will find its way onto these pages. There is no "sorting"to be done, just a beginning which starts here, this minute, in the Lone Star State.
A true Northerner, in love with snow, ice, blizzards, and 30 degree weather; transplanted to the Peoples Republic of Texas, due to circumstances beyond my control. Now, living in heat that would make magma feel cool, humidity that makes a sponge proud, and sunshine so bright that an Apple iPhone LED light would blush.

 A snowdrop in the desert.
Or at least, that is what I first thought.

Be well,


  1. Welcome to Texas, it's always good to have more gardeners around. Where did you come from and what area of Texas are you in?

    Texas has so many different soils in it's many geographic regions that gardening can be a challenge so I was just wondering where you are at.

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