Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday in the garden

This morning is bright and beautiful. The heat has not come in yet, but you can tell that it is definitely on its way.
This little tomato is a new addition this year to my garden.  It is the "Reisetomate" from Bakers Creek Seeds, and from here it only gets to looking crazier.

  The Tarragon seeds I planted 3 weeks ago are ready for transplanting.

 The radish bed was over planted, as I heard that in my soil they are hard to grow. However, they are all growing like crazy. I planted, "French Breakfast" , "Burpee White", and "Plum purple". I have not seen any whites coming through yet.

 My Chard is "Ruby", and it is doing well, despite the little nibbles from something.  If only I would stop putting the sprouts on my salad! Note for next more seeds!

As for basil, I have some planted in the garden, as well as in containers...... everywhere. You can just never have enough basil!

 This little watermelon is right next to my compost pile. She is called, "Moon and Stars", and I am excited to see her doing so well. Last year up north, the spring floods washed her out. Hopefully this year I will actually get to see her fruit.

This mixture is, "Rocky Top" from Bakers Creek, and also Radiccho (Palla Rossa) from "The Cooks Garden", just mixed together in a bed. I never worry about them growing to full size and getting too crowded because I use this bed just for baby greens. They usually are all used up before they grow past 5 inches in height.

These are my Asparagus( or long beans). These are seeds from my bushes up north. These are the most amazing beans ever. My mother had one in her garden the other day that was a good 24 inches long. 

Plus the flowers are sooooo gorgeous! I do not know if my camera, or picture skills, do it justice: but that little bit of yellow right inside the flower is so pretty. 

My "Chocolate Mint" is doing great! I found her at Lowes this year, and could not resist. I also found a little Peppermint plant ( locally grown) at Whole Foods the other day, which I had to buy.

 My bird feeder with leftover sunflowers growing like crazy..........just because !

My Hyacinth bean out front was planted about 2 weeks ago and it's starting to take off. 

An my Oregano is looking good. Mom divided her plant for me. Seeing as how I showed up mid-season and am starting out so late.

It will be nice when I actually have pictures of fruit and vegetables for everyone to see.   

Be Well,


  1. I agree. You can never have too much basil. We are loving pesto lately. The greens look so tasty. Can't wait to try some winter greens.

    1. I love greens too! Something that tastes so good, and is good for you.

  2. Love your photos!! And basil you can NEVER have too much:)

  3. Wow. This is very inspiring. And kinda daunting. I have millions of strawberries, or rather, strawberry plants, but greens in June? I just assumed it was too hot. If you have time to explain what you did, in some later post, I will appreciate it! eg. How did you treat the soil? How often do you water, and how? My watermelon grew beautifully last year, and it was fortunate that I made prints with the leaves, as it did not bear any fruit. We had lovely cantaloupe, we made them climb and they did well! And ahem, as you are in Texas now, where is the Cilantro? Looking forward to the pictures of fruit and veggies!

    1. I just put Cilantro seeds in! Lol...
      My soil is heavy heavy clay, so when we tilled it, I put in 4bags of potting soil, 2 bags of orchid mix, about 2 cups of water saving crystals, and 1 bag of perlite. The bags were the med size ones, not the big ones. We just tilled it all in on the one side. Then we just seeded them in, this was in May. As for watering, I water everyday for 15 minutes in the am and 15 minutes in the pm.

      I am excited about the watermelon, as last year it did not even get this far, the floods washed it away, up north.
      Keeping my fingers crossed for fruit!