Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Collard Killer

Oyyyyy, I have been noticing something chewing on all my collards for the past two weeks. So during my watering session tonight I took a closer look, only to find these little creatures underneath the leaves chewing away.
I do not know what they are, so I squished them. :(
I hate to kill anything, especially since I do not even know what they are. But they are causing a lot of damage, I can tell you that much! The neighbor said that this little worm comes from the white moths that are always buzzing around the garden. My beautiful plants use to look like this....

NOW....they have become lace....

I think next year a row cover is in the budget...right?
Heading online right now to find out the little culprits name!

Be well...


  1. I'm not great at identifying pests but I know the little white butterflies are bad news as they lay their eggs on our lovely veg plants like cabbage and greens. The butterflies don't seem to bother with kale so you could try growing it or like you say get netting or a cover.

  2. Thanks for the information!
    I am definitely thinking about using the netting, but I also did not know that fact about kale! I love kale. I will most certainly be including it within my seed packets for next year. I wonder if you can start them in the fall down south here. hmmmmm I will have to do some Google.