Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gardening with Ginny.......

Well, my spring garden has had it....literally! The constant 100 degree temps just sent everything into early death mode! However, I am very excited because tomorrow the tiller man is coming to till the rest of the yard up by fence, and then he is going to put a 2x6 border around it.

The peppers behind the bamboo polls are staying as they are loving the heat and going full steam ahead. The basil next to the peppers, are going to be taken out and all the leaves ground up with oil for the winter. All the rest of the dead and dying there is going to be tilled into the new top soil.

The fig tree and the two rows of tomatoes are staying, although I have not decided about the cucumber yet. I'll figure it out by tomorrow morning at 8, otherwise it is getting tilled in.

 This is the other side that is getting tilled up and planted with all kinds of peas, parsnips, collards, kale, chard, and tons of other things which I am still deciding on. I have some wonderful things from Victory Seeds,  Bakers Creek Seed Co, and of course Seeds Savers Exchange.  They all have heirloom open pollinated, which I just love.

Then of course the hummingbirds have been coming to my feeder quite often. I love these little guys. We all get so excited when they come in to feed. We usually end up scaring them away because we are so noisy clomping to the window. 

Hope to get some great pics tomorrow for you!
Until then,

Be safe


  1. so are you turning the whole yard into a garden??? that would be so amazing. how exciting!

    1. Just the fence are for now. Later this fall the whole front yard is going! lol Cannot wait for that!

  2. Lovely hummingbird! We've had a very hot summer here and the peppers are about the only thing that can take the heat!

    1. I moved here so late that all I have gotten was peppers and chard. The collards I planted were beautiful for about a day, and then the worms destroyed all. I definitely need net coverings for next year!