Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall's coming in....

Rows of Rutabaga's, Bok Choy, Onions, Carrots, and Radishes all benefited this past weekend. We had almost 4 days of rain, and everything is just looking great.


Nero Di Toscana...

Fava Beans, (Loraine)




 Swiss Chard......

That's all for now...

Be well,


  1. Such neat rows!! I love the excitement of new growth in the garden - especially if I can eat what's growing!

  2. It's great to see little seedlings coming up. Will you be thinning? Looks like very successful germination. Will be very exciting watching them grow.

  3. The beinning of the fall garden are so sweet. The tiny seedlings are so cute, in my opinion. I'm only starting my second round of gardening -the first this past spring, and now for fall. I'm very excited!
    The look of garden is so neatly organized:)
    I hope to follow along with your progress in the garden!!
    Blessings, Deanna

  4. Thanks all! I try to keep it neat Hannah, otherwise the pups will be all over them in a second. Kelli, I definitely have to thin, I did not expect such a wonderful germination.I tried a new seed company( Baker Creek Seeds and Victory Seeds) and they have been wonderful. I think I am going to use the "thins" in a salad! :) Thanks Deanna, I am truly excited about this fall's garden as this is my first in Texas.

  5. You have a gorgeous yard! And looks like your summer garden did really well, as I saw in previous posts. I haven't been on the ball with my garden this year... maybe next year?! I always say that! :D

    1. lol...my garden has only done well because I have been between jobs. However, that is about to stop, as I was just offered a position! So I better make sure I make time.

      There is always next year...that is what I love about gardening!

  6. Look at those sweet little seedlings! I have some fall lettuce that is a few inches tall. The radishes and carrots are about the size of your seedlings, and I'm afraid they probably won't be big enough to harvest before the ground freezes. I did get some in the spring, though.

    1. I am waiting patiently for freezing! :) lol I have not lived in the south for years, and today it was 88 degrees!! I was praying for the cool crisp fall weather that I remembered, but to no avail. I just worked outside in the heat, sweating!