Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In with Ginny

 I am still working on the scarf for my professor. It is from the Early Fall Edition of Vogue. This is just the outside border that I am finishing. Five more pattern repeats and then off to the middle.

The pattern is really interesting. I cannot wait to start the inside. I am using a thicker yarn and larger needles than the pattern is. So, I do not know what it will look like in the end. Hopefully nice, but we will see. I definitely wanted to use this yarn as it is just like butter in your hands. I found it in an X-large-plain-unadorned sweater at the GW. It looked like someone had bought it, like me, for the softness, and then got bored with its plain look. I bought it for $4 dollars and am loving it. I unraveled it, washed and soaked it, and then re-wound it.
As for reading, I am back to light reading that I can do in between studying. This magazine has a wonderful article about backyard chickens. Would love to have a couple some day!
 I am looking forward to see what all of you are knitting!

Be well,


  1. i am really interested to see how this comes out. it looks really amazing and i really love that pink!

  2. Lovely yarn-your scarf is looking pretty already. Fantastic bargain.
    Enjoy the knitting.

  3. Thanks everyone! I am keeping my fingers crossed.