Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well....it's brown.

I wish I had something green and luscious to show you! The sad truth is that I do not. Having just moved into this house I have been trying to get the garden established and the soil healthy. As all gardeners know, the soil is the base of any good garden. Without good soil, you will not have the luscious greens, and the beautiful flowers, that you so desire. So I am working on that soil. Trying to reinforce the health and strength of that soil, takes time and money. So the process is slow, but steady. You have seen the new garden tilled and new top soil and amendments put in.  So the only thing left to see, is where the new items have been going in.

The left side still has the peppers going strong. I have decided to leave them until they wear themselves out.

Lots of little green, orange, and red peppers. Believe it or not, these first peppers came from seeds from a bag of, "Mini peppers" that I had purchased at one of the mega-stores to make chilli with. I held onto them for about 1 year, and they still came up and are producing like crazy. Just plain dumb luck is what I accredit it to.

These are beds of beets, Bull Red Beet, and Giant Yellow Beets. Also radishes, Sparkle and French Breakfast.

The radishes are the first to come up.....within days of planting.

I also put in new tomato plants: Ludmilla Red Plum, Carbon, and Black Elephant. The ones to the left are seeds that I had from an old heirloom called Zapotec Pleated. I grew them about 2 years ago and they were huge, beautiful, and tasty.        

Right down this 25 foot strip, I have planted  a huge variety of pea plants. Such as Sugar Ann, Wando, Oregon Sugar Pod, Oregon Giant, Mammoth Melting Sugar, Little Marvel Pea, and of course the Fava Bean Loraine. I am hoping for not only a great pea surplus, but for these to help fix nitrogen in the soil.

Last but not least..the two little ones who are my constant companions are ever present in my planting. I have lots more to put in this month, and will keep you all posted.

Until then, Be Safe!



  1. That is so inspiring! I have killed all the seedlings I recently bought through utter neglect (there is a reason why I never post pictures of my so called garden), and have several packets of seed waiting to go into the soil. And three bags of organic soil... Great idea to use all that peas twice, so to speak. Oh my, in the back of my head I hear a little voice whisper: "It's too hot, just give in and put down gravel and succulents..." ;) But no, I will try again! Good luck with your fall garden, they tell me the fall and winter gardens are the best here!

  2. I <3 how you organized your seeds into mugs....they look beautiful. Our radishes did well in the spring and we planted another row after and I harvested a few of the new (late summer) batch....