Thursday, June 26, 2014

The story of two butterflies and a flower....

I happened upon the Purple Mist Flower while visiting Fredericksburg Texas. We had gone there for peaches. As all Texans know, Fredericksburg becomes a Mecca for those in search of the fuzzy fruit of the gods during the spring season. While there, we found a lovely nursery and seed store that goes by the name of, " Wildseed Farms".
   It must of been 110 degrees in the shade that day, and the nursery men were out hurrying from plant to plant soaking them down. The plants that we saw were covered in butterflies, as seen below.

Needless to say, we had to get at least one of them. They were natives and use to the heat and humidity and would do well. They have acclimated well in our home gardens and are now attracting butterflies and bee's for us as well! Such a lovely plant with added benefits!

So the moral of this story : Whenever in Texas, make it a point to stop by this nursery as they truly are a wonderful asset to Texas.

   (((Not to mention they sell Texas wines by both the bottle and glass!!!)))

   ...........just saying!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still sitting there....

waiting patiently for me. Like many of you, other responsibilities pull me in every other direction.
How I long to pick one, anyone of my pretties up, and start working diligently on you.
Alas...for now it is work, work, and you guessed it, work!
So I will look at the rest of your gorgeous finished projects and dream on!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pondering ....

.........about when I will ever finish with this table runner and about what to do with this old yarn I found in my stash. It is a blue bulky, with little bits of red, green, and yellow.
The reverse side of the linen stitch...pretty as well.

Just threw her on some needles to get a sense of what she will look like. I have two balls.....I think.
Oooppps ....guess I had better double check on that before starting, ya think! lol

Excited to see what everyone else is crafting.


Monday, June 9, 2014


My Amaryllis  bloomed this spring and they were really quite spectacular. I am one of those who scrounge around the home stores until all of their left-over bulbs go on sale for $1. Then a swoop in and get them for a bargain. Most of these beauties started off in that "on sale" bin.

Yet, they have become beauties over the years. This last photo is one of my bargains that is now over 8 years old. Her flowers were almost 9 inches across this year. She has never failed me.
 I have always cut off the scapes once the flowers wither. However, this year I just might collect seed, and see if I can start them. It would take quiet a bit of time to get them up and green, but it would be interesting to see what flowers they would bring.

Enjoy your flowers, whatever they may be.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Our first Waxwings at the house. We have fed the birds both here and up North, but have never had a Waxwing come. They are really quiet beautiful. We feed a nut, fruit, and sunflower seed mixture. They came in and appeared to eat something, stopped by the water bowl and then left. Have not seen them come back yet, sadly. But what a wonderful surprise for us bird watchers.

In With Ginny......

Well, I am still working on the table runner. I have not had the time recently to devote to it as I would like, as work has been running me crazy. However, I have made a little progress, at least from what I can tell. The red I am definitely in love with.

I am also falling in love with the linen stitch. I have read that it is great for runners, towels, and dish cloths. The woven look that it creates is really pretty.

The yarn that I found, this red, has been such a pleasure to work with: soft yet it retains a high stitch definition. I have found some of my most precious yarns through recycling. I love the fact that what might have been thrown away is now being re-used. Saving the planet one yarn ball at a time!

    As for my reading for enjoyment this week; it is not really happening now. I have so many "other" things that I have to read right now for work, or for my fix-up-the-leaky-sink job, that my "enjoyment" reading has been put on hold this week.

  But there is next week......