Monday, June 9, 2014


My Amaryllis  bloomed this spring and they were really quite spectacular. I am one of those who scrounge around the home stores until all of their left-over bulbs go on sale for $1. Then a swoop in and get them for a bargain. Most of these beauties started off in that "on sale" bin.

Yet, they have become beauties over the years. This last photo is one of my bargains that is now over 8 years old. Her flowers were almost 9 inches across this year. She has never failed me.
 I have always cut off the scapes once the flowers wither. However, this year I just might collect seed, and see if I can start them. It would take quiet a bit of time to get them up and green, but it would be interesting to see what flowers they would bring.

Enjoy your flowers, whatever they may be.

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