Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More architechture....

 I have an infatuation with spider webs. Mainly because they are just so exquisite. They are totally unique, beautiful, and amazing. I manage to find them all over the garden when least expected. I usually end up running in the house, wellies covered in mud, grabbing the camera for that special "Web" shot.
    That being said, if the spider happens to land on any part of my body or clothes, I end up screaming like a crazy person, trying desperately to get them off me gently so as not to hurt them, but still in freak mode.
Ahhhhhh, the joys of gardening. In many ways, I guess, the attraction has to do with my knitting. Their webs are individual creations, a lot like knitted creations. They also use their legs while creating these webs tucking them in here and there, which looks a lot like knitting. It just strikes me as odd that these creatures, who totally freak me out, (especially the BIG ones) are such beautiful artists in their own right.


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  1. I agree - I'm not a lover of spiders, but the web is amazing, especially first thing in the morning.