Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fall Garden.....Texas style!

Fall gardening in the NE, in the US, means preparing for winter: cleaning up, mulching, and putting plants and shrubs to bed. Temperatures dropping from the 80's to the 40/50's. Winter sweaters and coats being brought out for use. Most plants have long since seen their beauty days.

Fall in Texas is exactly the opposite. Everything awakens from the long....LONG..hot summer. The temperature is in the 80's and summer clothes are still out.   The basil and parsnips grow beautifully green. The roses put on the most spectacular show there is. Butterfly bushes display their deepest colors. Clematis, already gone to seed, begin once again to produce blossoms by the dozen.   Blue mist weed, attracts multitudes of creatures looking for their last delicious free meal.

Getting use to this has meant changing everything I have previously done in my gardening
 regiment !
But....sooooo worth it. 

................and of course Monarch caterpillars!

Looking forward to seeing all the Fall colors from my friends up north.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Wow your garden looks beautiful. Clearly the drought is not killing your yard!

    1. The flowers look great, the grass on the other hand looks really bad! Lol
      I try to give the flowers a little sprinkle every morning, not long, maybe 5-10 minutes.

  2. What an amazing bunch of flowers. Lucky you!! We had our first frost here in Alabama so everything but the pansies are gone. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. A frost? Oh how I miss having a frost! I do love fall, and how I miss a cool fall! You have a great weekend as well.