Monday, November 10, 2014

A room with a fence......

We live right in front of a green easement. It was the railroads, but is no longer in use. So we have about 100 foot of beautiful green trees and shrubs directly behind us, then a corn field beyond that. All beautiful stuff right? So why is there a 6 foot privacy fence blocking it?
So....being a hippie, a conservationist, an animal lover, a friend of nature, whatever they call it nowadays, I decided to open up the back fence so that we can actually SEE the woods, the green, the animals.

 We thought about taking it all the way down, but decided that half way down would be better. That way we could still keep more animals, the squirrels, opossums, etc coming in, but discourage the Rattlers and other poisonous snakes from sneaking in the bottom.
My mother is as usual, the first to step in and help, and the last to leave! What a go getter! 80 years young and still moving better than me. She is an inspiration. 
 Our little peach tree( in front of mom circled by river rocks) is dwarfed by the much larger Ash, China Berry, and Holly trees out back.

See all the green?
How about now? See the difference without the fence? So much more to be enjoyed.
We are still working on it. One more section down this coming weekend. We do it in segments as all of us are disabled in some small way: Backs , hands, knees...etc. Age has crept in on us and made it necessary to complete big projects in small portions. The poles standing over the smaller fence will have a purpose unique to itself....but more about that later. 
 .....and then, look what we found. We think that it is a swallowtails nest, or perhaps a nuthatch.... it is soo tiny! Not as small as a hummingbirds nest, but getting there. Anyone out there know?

Well...enough of our project for now!
Hope everyone has a great week!