Sunday, December 13, 2015

December in Texas....

Monsieur Tiller Rose bush is in full bloom on this December 13th.

It is glorious, and the smell is beautiful.

There is my constant gardening companion, Ms. Andromeda. The little 4 pound ball of fluff on the porch.

This was how it looked last week...full of buds but nothing open.

New Dawn climbing rose around the front bay window has grown like crazy this year.

Each flower head was huge... and the smell was intense.

And then there was Madame Brabant.
What can I say about this rose?
It blooms and blooms and blooms.... and when it rains, the blooms are huge, like these are! There are about 30 on this one bush alone. Will have to get you a better pic.
And then of course we have this beauty! He has been visiting the back garden with the bird feeders.
Somehow I do not think that he is looking for the sunflowers!


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