Sunday, December 20, 2015

sheet mulching.....

Sheet mulching is the easiest way to prepare an area for a garden. It requires the least amount of physical effort, as compared to tilling and digging. Plus, it does not do damage to the soil that these other two do.  Tilling destroys the ecosystem of our soil, by exposing the soils sequestered carbon, allowing it to release into the atmosphere. It also destroys micro-organisms which have symbiotic relationships with our plants, by exposing them out of their protected soil environment.  
While my front garden was done partially this way, I have decided to do the space between the houses entirely in this fashion.
By using cardboard, shredded paper, and compost, I am going to create a bed for the gorgeous plant, "Pride of Barbados".

By sheet mulching during the fall, it will have all winter to break down the grass and paper,  and transform that area into a gorgeous new garden bed.

So why just have grass, when you can have gorgeous plants that also feed the bee's, hummingbirds, and whatnot? I have a love hate relationship with grass: I love to hate it!

A long stretch of grass with nothing there! Boring!

After each layer, a thorough soaking was given. Now that fall is here, the leaves have finally started to fall, and these too will go on top of the pile. More compost this winter and more mulch, should prepare the bed for spring. I have also layered some old fig branches along with old mushroom medium in the back corner, in hopes that it might spawn some oyster mushrooms.

I am lucky, as I have a neighbor who allows me to do anything on our adjoining spaces, in the way of gardening. I ask her if she minds, and she always says, " Whatever you want, I do not care"!

I am lucky to have a son who is a big help to me in the garden. However, he is also very shy, and did not want any head shots! So that is why some of the photos look like he is missing it.

Eventually, this whole stretch will be transformed by this process. Creating a permanent garden, that will contain perennials of all sorts that feed the wildlife.

I am lucky, because I can still garden! I could not imagine not being able to create new living green spaces.

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