Friday, January 8, 2016

A different January

 Knock-out double Red.

 Four o'clocks, closed for the day, but will open up at dusk.

Root stock growth from a hybridized tea rose that I pruned too severely.
 Pink when it first opens, and then turns to a soft yellow.

 Mealy cup sage: Salvia Farinacea with New Dawn stalks in the back.
New Dawn with just a few flowers 

Dark Knight Canna Lilly 

 Madame de Brabant

Across the blogosphere, gardening friends have all been commenting about one major topic: climate change. These pictures of my flowers still blooming are gorgeous to me, but it makes me question why. Why are they still here in December, blooming and adding new growth? Is it a freak of natural events that occur every other decade, has it happened before, or is this something new?

Something we need to know about?
Something we need to change?

Just questions that roll through my mind while out there amongst the grandeur.

You can tell by the amount of black-spot, that the roses are definitely suffering from the rainy weather we have been experiencing. Hoping that we will get a significant freeze, and then I can prune it off and let them start again come spring.
Most of my roses are "own root" roses, and they will come back true if you cut them down low in winter. I prefer that type of rose as I have had to prune back a hybridized tea rose and,( see above) unfortunately, pruned it too low to the bud union and ended up with the stock rose growing. However, it wasn't a total loss, as the stock rose was just as beautiful!


  1. I do not have one rose bush in my yard. I have planted miniature ones and they do not thrive. However my husband is the gardener and I'm not. So i'll blame him. This winter has been crazy strange!!

    1. Lol...this has been an odd winter.
      When I lived up north, I did not have any roae bushes either, at that point I was really into lilacs. But down here, an hour away from the rose capital of the world, Tyler Texas, I figured I better put some in now! They seem to just thrive down here.
      I love miniatures too. I actually have a couple in the garden now. Will have to post some photos.