Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Air layering

A dear friend taught me how to air layer plants many moons ago. We were both kids and had little to no money to be able to go out and buy the latest gadget for such things. So, we created our own version of air layering: cheaply.

Here is my Tiller rose. He is an earthkind rose and blooms like crazy, even in January as you can see.
Usually, I do not air layer in winter, but this has not been a true winter, and I think it is just about over, and before we know it the temps will be back up to 100 degrees!
So, I figured what the hey!

 Here are two branches with somewhat straight stalks.

  Notched about a one inch area .....

Pour some moist sterile potting soil straight onto the branch, where the notch is.

 Wrapped it up in saran wrap, as snugly as possible, and twist tie the ends to make sure the potting soil stays nice and moist. You will want to check it weekly for moisture.
 Both branches done. One for me and one for my mom!

I then tied the branch up to a stake.
That way when it rains the branch will not be endanger of breaking. 
Hopefully, come mid summer I will have something nifty to show you. 

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